Carburator Rebuild

Not properly storing your motorcycle can result in damage to your carburator. Get a free quote today.

It’s always preferable to repair rather than replace a carburetor.

Every carburetor that comes through the door is thoroughly examined and cleaned according to our 14-point plan. We take pleasure in what we do, which is why we will never cut corners or use low-quality components. Each time, we adhere to rigorous criteria and processes for guaranteed highest quality rebuilt carburetors. Our first step always involves a thorough analysis of each carburetor. We carefully disassemble the unit and thoroughly clean it up. This includes removing any gunk; old gaskets, o-rings or stamps; and rusty parts. Our trained professionals carefully analyze all of the rotors, jets, valves, passages and chambers to.

carburator repair

Carburator Rebuild Process

It goes through a 14-point inspection before we completely remove your carburetor. This is the first of many functionality tests that will be completed as part of your purchase. After that, each carburetor is completely dismantled down to its component parts.After cleaning, the final step is to inspect these bare components in greater detail.

Understanding the Steps for Rebuilding a Motorcycle Carburator

Motorcycle Carburetor Service: 

The bike is first evaluated as accurately as possible.

  • The gasoline tank is removed.
  • The fuel has been completely drawn from the tank.
  • The petcock is tested.
  • The entire carburetor rack is taken out of the procedure.The Carburetors are drained of old fuel .

The carb is taken apart and checked for diaphragm health, air cut-off valve operation, gasket integrity, float valve settings, air mixture valve settings, butterfly valve settings, and synchronization. 

The main part of the carburetors, as well as their metal components, is immersed in a chemical solution to clean all interior and exterior surfaces. All of the O-Rings and gaskets that need to be replaced are thoroughly checked. The entire carburetor set is then blown clear of any remaining internal obstructions with media blasting and compressed air. This covers everything from pilot air circuits to main jet circuits, choke systems, vent systems, fuel inlets and control valves. The carburetors are reassembled, jet sizes are determined and recorded, float level height is verified and adjusted, float operation is checked, and carburetors are initially bench synced to establish the relative idle speed adjustments. The fuel lines are cleaned and the entire system is lubricated, including the fuel filters on the air intake pipes. All control cables are reattached and adjusted. The air box is connected, the air filter box is cleaned, and the filter is verified or changed. After the fuel tank is in place, the fuel system is tested. The motorbike is started and tested, driven, and observed for the next 24 hours to establish cold starting behavior and check for any leaks. The vehicle is washed and put back on the road after a typical procedure. Following that we do a preliminary test to make sure your bike is running properly before its handed over to you!


What makes us unique?

Our objective is to provide contemporary answers to your mechanical difficulties. Our team’s attention is focused on the truth rather than marketing claims, and while there may be other motorcycle carburetor “specialists” claiming to be superior, our staff’s dedication is fact-based, result-oriented. The goal is to generate a beautiful, polished end result. We try for the finest possible finish, right down to the tiniest washer. Indy Motorcycle Pros is your one-stop shop for all things Moto! With many years of expertise in the powersports sector, we’re here to help.