Dirt Bike Repair

Shredding laps on the track? Ripping through the woods? Make sure your bike is operating at its full potential with a fresh tune up.

Dirt Bike maintenance Indiana

Indy Motorcycle Pros offers all types of repairs and rebuilds for any type of off road vehicles. We also specialize in off road and dirt bikes. Off road racing is popular in the midwest, to keep up with the demand we offer many types of maintenance services for you and your dirt bikes. 

We offer affordable labor rates for almost all types of motorcycle repairs and services. We offer jobs ranging from chain and sprocket replacement, new tire installation, clutches, fluids, brakes, suspension. of all kinds. We also offer safety checks, fluid replacement and much more.


2 Stroke Top End Rebuild

If you ride a two stroke motorcycle, you or your rider should consider doing frequent intervals of top end rebuilds. Fortunately, rebuilding the top end of a two stroke motorcycle is rather straight forward. Doing this can save other types of parts from destruction while also resulting in massive differences in engine output. You will notice the overall power and performance of the bike greatly increases after this type of maintenance. Allow our mechanics to service your machine and give you and your bike a fresh start on your power band. We always encourage you to do your own repairs and learn about your motorcycle. If you’d like some assistance, we are here to help!

4 Stroke Engine Rebuild

4 stroke engine rebuilds are not quite as simple as the 2 stroke version explained above. Before the 4 stroke engines came along, rebuilding engines were fairly simple. This is because 2 strokes really only needed to have the top end replaced. The rapid popularity of the 4 stroke engine onto the off-road scene has lead the way for all kinds of moving parts to pay attention to when rebuilding the top end. We def recommend having someone with experience and knowledge either help you ir do this part for you The new era of 4 strokes are quite amazing. Allow the mechanic at Indy Motorcycle Pros to bring your bike back to 100% today!

Transmission Oil Change

The oil in your motorcycle is the life blood of your engine. This should take the most precedence than any other maintenance you do on your bike. Regular oil changes are so important in fact that if you don’t do this you greatly jeopardize the engine life.

Changing the oil on your bike is much easier than a car. The oil plug is very accessible on most any bikes and especially dirt bikes. The general rule is your oil should be changed every 5 to 10 hours but always double check within your owners manual. Every bike is different. Every type of bike is different so you’ll want to ensure you’re following the recommended intervals of oil changes.

Our Oil Change Services

Maybe you feel a bit timid about doing this maintenance to your bike. Or, maybe you’d like to save some time before your next race. Allow one of our top technicians to take care of this aspect of your bike today. We work quick and efficiently to ensure your bike is back running smoothly in a timely manor.