Engine Rebuild

We offer full service engine rebuilds for any make and model.

Motorcycle Engine Repair

Whether you want to rebuild an old motorcycle engine, install an upgrade for improved performance, or repair worn or broken parts, understanding the basic rules of the engine rebuilding process is critical. Regardless of the engine size or type, you want to be sure you’re doing everything right. But the question is: how hard is it to rebuild a motorcycle engine?

The answer, of course, depends on a variety of criteria, such as the degree of engine wear or damage you’re facing, modifications and tuning needed to create your ideal motorbike engine, your level of expertise, and, last but not least, what you want to accomplish with an engine rebuild.

It’s all about preparation.

A successful engine rebuild project requires preparation. Having a workshop, high-quality working equipment, and cleaning your bike, particularly the external engine components, are all part of the equation. After that, you will need a complete repair manual to walk you through every step of the procedure, including rebuilding the motorcycle engine from scratch.

How much will it cost for the rebuild?

At Indy Motorcycle Pros, we provide complete engine rebuilds and top-end rebuilds for 2 and 4 stroke motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, utility vehicles (UTVs), and more. We can repair anything that is wrong with your equipment. Compression loss, blown motors, and frozen engines are all possibilities. We repair drive trains, as well as drive chains and cylinder heads. The complete process of rebuilding a motor includes preparation, disassembly, inspection, and reassembling. Depending on your make and model we will be able to give you a more accurate estimate over the phone.



Understanding the Steps for Rebuilding a Motorcycle Engine

When we begin repairing your motorcycle engine, it’s important to know the proper order in which things should be done. We have the years of expertise and knowledge to handle every step in the rebuilding process. Some of the things we do in our process include:

  • Clean and secure your bike before removing the engine for easier maintenance.
  • Remove the battery and let all of the fluids drain.
  • Remove the petrol tank, muffler, and header pipes from your car.
  • Remove the engine’s air intake and carburetors.
  • Remove the drive chain, belt, or shaft according on your bike.
  • Wrap the frame rails where the engine is most likely to come into touch with.
  • To make the engine disassembly easier, remove the external engine casings.
  • Use the correct equipment to remove the clutch, crankshaft drive gear, stator, alternator, gear change lever, ignition plate, and all associated engine components.
  • Remove the oil and electrical connections from your machine.
  • Remove the engine mounting bolts and plates one by one.


Checking Valves

Each time you rebuild a motorcycle engine you want to check the valves. The tool on the left is called a spanner tool. This is a common tool used to check the valve spacing as it sits flush on the head of the engine block. Its important to note that the clearences are set to the factory standards. If the valve clearance is set to zero, the valve may theoretically be made to close fully when the engine is warm, however as parts expand with warmth, there is no room for them; therefore, the valve would not completely close. That’s why valve clearances must be verified when the engine is cold.

Engine Lifespan

We begin by learning about your riding habits and your financial constraints. Considerations differ depending on the type of bike you use. When it comes to heavy bikes, there are a few factors to think about that aren’t there with less-weighty cycles. They are often found on the street. So, the correct configuration is critical, and each one is made to fit the customer with all of these things in mind. We can ensure that you get there first. We can assist you in improving your fuel efficiency by optimizing the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. We can help you tour the country with your wife if you want to go on a road trip with her.

Now that you understand the different factors that play a role in rebuilding your bike to its former beauty. You can make a n infomed decision about what the next steps are to take. Rebuilding your bike can improve performance and gas milage. You will get a whole new feeling from your bike with a fresh engine. Call us today!